Lou Reads ep156 – Tales from the Forums of Drugs And Users


This time around I’m reading from the forums of Drugs and Users. This is a forum that rose from the ashes of the Opiophile forum. You may recall I did a couple of readings from that site before it closed.

If this is your idea of a light snack then you may want to hang out at Drugs and Users.
If this is your idea of a light snack then you may want to hang out at Drugs and Users.

Far too many people start using drugs without the proper information they need. Whether it’s information about the addictiveness of certain drugs, the safe use of drugs, or how not to get ripped off, a lot of people have to learn the hard way. Fortunately for the online drug-using community, there are sites like this where people can feel free to share their experiences. Having drugs become your all-encompassing focus in life can make your world very small and these kinds of sites really do serve as a lifeline for a lot of users around the world.

That being said, there is a lot of entertainment value to be gleaned from the casual conversations of people deeply entrenched in their own drug-fueled lives. I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep156 – Tales from the Forums of Drugs And Users”

  1. Man I would love to support you through Patreon but my budget is literally too tight for even a dollar. :\ So thank you for providing me free entertainment since I can’t pay for any elsewhere! It’s always a joy!

  2. Huh. The more that one guy described his sexual position of choice, the less I was able to visualize it. Then he realized how confusing it was and summed it up in a single sentence… and it somehow made even less sense.

  3. I am the owner of this forum and thanks for the “read”. The forum is now very quiet as the Opiophile group has split into so many entities plus many people have since died.

  4. I remember when Opiophile suddenly went offline and the scandal that was supposedly involved with that. I had done 2 episodes on Opiophile. The 2nd one at the request of a mod who gave me access to the non-public forums. It was an interesting forum. No other forum, to my knowledge, has ever quite replaced the same niche. Now Reddit is everything and the world is a lot more boring for it. This is the link to the YouTube version. Some old Opiophile members found it and chimed in. https://youtu.be/oIEwEwLE5oA Thanks for writing.

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