Lou Reads ep131 – Talk Paranormal To Me

You know how sometimes you buy a piece of jewelry from an antique store and you can just feel that there is an energy trapped inside? Or when you use a Ouija board that you’re pretty sure may be bringing demons over from the other side into you home? Or you know that feeling you get when you’re pretty sure you’re a tantric vampire? Oh right, you don’t get those because you’re a rational person who doesn’t hang out at the Talk Paranormal forums. Actually, Talk Paranormal is an interesting site with a lot of users dumping a healthy amount of skepticism on each other on a regular basis. All the while encouraging people to chat about their interest in the supernatural and other absurdities. I hope you enjoy it. It’s a long one!

If you see a ghost wearing this hat RUN!
If you see a ghost wearing this hat RUN!

Hey there, thanks a ton for listening to Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! I truly hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy recording & laboriously editing each one. So, I say again, thank you from the bottom of my internet weakened heart. Keep listening!

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2 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep131 – Talk Paranormal To Me”

  1. So, all those people calling out the usual bullshit… what are they there for?

    Merry (very late) Christmas, by the way.

  2. God my existence is is so pointless.
    OH look something sounded super weird, so either it was just the sound of some random junkie or spirits are real and I am the choosen one.
    It can’t possibly be my overactive imagination, my life has meaning now I’m not delusional please give me validation.

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