Lou Reads ep130 – Vore Discussions from Eka’s Portal

So you have this craving. I know you think it was to get a new episode of this podcast. But what if it was the craving to get suddenly eaten by a tiger’s dick? Or maybe to get swallowed live and live in a giant’s tummy? Well, if that was your craving then not only am I a mind reader but I’m also a vore forum reader. And as you may have guessed, that will be this episode’s subject.

What's that mom? Oh, I'm just talking to my online friends. NO DON'T COME IN!
What’s that mom? Oh, I’m just talking to my online friends. NO DON’T COME IN!

Don’t know what VORE is? Well, now you do! VORE

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode. As I hope you enjoy every single episode… I know. It’s too much to ask…

5 thoughts on “Lou Reads ep130 – Vore Discussions from Eka’s Portal”

  1. Thought you wouldn’t be able to top that opener… and then I made it to the end. Possibly a troll, but it’s such an incredible post that I don’t care either way.

  2. ba ha ha ha!

    Great story at the end.

    My grandpa didn’t seem happy either during my anal vore coming out party

  3. Fantastically gross. Really, what the hell, possibly the most incomprehensible fetish out there.

    …Or is there something even more outlandish?

  4. Why do they always talk about Vore-Ish stuff? It’s one of the more baffling phrases in those posts.

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