Lou Reads from the pages of My Little Waifu

How do you cope with your day to day struggles? Do you call your mom to vent or maybe see a psychiatrist? Or do instead slowly become convinced you are having a relationship with a fictional character? That is what is happening on the pages of the forum known as My Little Waifu. I won’t even try to explain what I read this time around. It doesn’t make any sense and explaining it requires navigating several different strata of super nerdy nonsense. Just listen… It’s still won’t make any sense but whatever.

Can't we all stop arguing and just agree that we are all really weird ponies?
Can’t we all stop arguing and just agree that we are all really weird ponies?

Terms used in this episode that may require explanation:

1) Waifu
2) Brony
3) Weeabo
4) Clop
5) Ship

And many more…. Please enjoy the podcast & this wonderful selection of Japanese body pillows for you to consider marrying in the future.

7 thoughts on “Lou Reads from the pages of My Little Waifu”

  1. Good God, these are some of the most stunted people that you’ve ever read. I mean, parts of this are almost as bad as the DarkFetish episode. I had to take a break halfway through the “female pony semen” segment – just an absolute perfect storm of obvious virginity, autistic myopia, and hideous fetishism – and what the rest lacks in visceral horror, it makes up for in sheer psychotic, out-of-control escapism. These people are broken.

    On a lighter note, the CAPTCHA image that I have to assemble for this comment is a fedora. Some coincidences are too perfect.

  2. Hey, just putting this out here. If you’re like me MIL-FIM is a little too inclusive. For this reason some of us have broken off into a sub community called: My Aryan Pony: Racial Purity is Magic. I know what you’re thinking “Oh Em Gee! Another sub?” Trust me, this one is different! Seriously come check us out! Look for me in the chat room ~LOL~ I’m Alabaster Thunder Sparkle and I’m usually in the chat room LOLOLOL

  3. I think this has actually been the most potentially unsettling/depressing episodes you’ve got, right up there with the bug catchers forum.
    This one had an extra helping of cringeworthyness though.

  4. Hello there, I’m actually from that site as didlowman, waifu and all that jazz is what I want to write a academic paper on, no I’m not kidding, just remember this is the start of the rabbit hole there is a Twilight Sparkle sex dungeon ( I have seen it )

  5. Oh, good lord. Bless your heart for being quite enthusiastic while reading absolute mind-bending trash like this. Thank you for reading this so those of faint of heart do not have to.

  6. These hooves are made for cloppin’
    And that’s just what they’ll do
    One of these days these hooves are gonna clop to your waifu.

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