Lou Reads episode 124 – Tales of Creepy Gamers from RPG.net

This episode takes a peek into the world of role playing gamers and the creepy players they occasionally run into.

This isn't my D&D map. It's my well thought out rape plan.
This isn’t my D&D map. It’s my well thought out rape plan.

That image joke will make more sense if you listen to the episode. Also, don’t play Tomb of Horrors. Even if you win you’ll probably die in the end.

7 thoughts on “Lou Reads episode 124 – Tales of Creepy Gamers from RPG.net”

  1. Jesus Christ, why did she MARRY that guy?! What made her stay with him even to that point in the first place?

  2. Wow, the first story was so classical abusive relationship, mixed in with some delusions and RPGs, it was just the perfect storm of “oh god”, Lou, you keep killing it.

  3. That fourth grade party was great and, no, we never wanted to play DND again. It took too long and I could never figure out the point of all of the multi-sided dice.

  4. I don’t know who is more pathetic. The guy who is literally insane or the woman who stayed with him for that long.

  5. How ya been Lou. Will start listening again soon. Missed ya!Glad to see you are still at it.

  6. During that entire first story, whenever the system that guy was obsessed with came up, I just kept thinking to myself “Ugh, it’s Rifts, isn’t it?”.

    And lo and behold!

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