Lou Reads Black Friday Nightmares from AskReddit


Hey, 2013 is over! The holiday season is over! What better time than now to look back at the experiences of the retail workers who had to deal with insane shoppers on Black Friday! Ok, I agree. Anytime would have been fine. I picked now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!! Here’s hoping to another year full of internet bizarreness and other related silly pursuits!


If you’re interested you can find the original Reddit thread here.

Thanks for listening!

6 thoughts on “Lou Reads Black Friday Nightmares from AskReddit”

  1. One of my (crazy) ultra-left-wing professors would always use the horror of Black Friday to prove that capitalism was the greatest evil on the planet. Honestly, it was the most convincing part of her semester long tirade. Because, fuck Black Friday.

    Also — fuck you, Kutlul.

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