Lou Reads from AskReddit “Where Is the Worst Place You Ever Took a Shit”

Sorry folks! I’m breaking my long running streak of classy, high-brow topics and delving in the gut churning topic of emergency pooping. As a semi-reformed IBS sufferer its a subject near & dear to my heart.


My only caveat to this episode is that some of peoples stories actually seem like poop stories that they are really proud of. I guess maybe they were non-optimal pooping places but they come off kind of braggy… Whatever. If you’re interesting in reading all 6000+ posts about poop please feel free to check it out here.

Reddit, what is the worst place that you have taken a shit?

4 thoughts on “Lou Reads from AskReddit “Where Is the Worst Place You Ever Took a Shit””

  1. I’m sitting here filling out a recipe book, drooling over the delicious sounding food.
    And then I click over here to listen to a podcast, and it’s about poop.
    Keep it classy Lou! :0D

  2. This…this podcast has made me laugh like you wouldn’t believe. You are a hero man, a goddamn hero.

  3. Hey Lou,
    You say “semi-reformed” IBS sufferer; as a fellow IBS sufferer, I gotta ask: how did you achieve the amount of reformation you’ve experienced? Any advice appreciated. Thanks for reading the internet for us!

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