Lou Reads from Forums of Opiophile.org

Okay, last episode was a tease. It should have been about drugs and it was all about people being crazy. This episode, I make it up to you with a reading from Opiophile.org. As you can probably guess, Opiophile is a website for people who love Opiates. And why wouldn’t they? Everyone says heroin is great and then they say they are coping with their use and then they disappear for a while and then they come back from rehab. It’s great!

A Man Smoking Heroin Off of Foil
Screw your hippy drugs. I'm doing the Hard Stuff!

Well, I hope you enjoy this episode of Lou Reads. Please try not to OD while listening to it. I’d hate to come home and find you like this unfortunate girl. THANKS!

3 thoughts on “Lou Reads from Forums of Opiophile.org”

  1. Thanks for the reading! I am a member of opiophile.org and found it funny to hear those threads read out loud. And I guess the secret is out that we like shoving drugs up our asses now? Shit.

    Anyhow. Thanks for the laughs and for not passing any judgements on us.

  2. Opiophile member here. Laughed my fucking ass off listening to this shit in the coffee shop. Lol’d at the OD thread he starts on… Good thing I can’t afford coffee ATM otherwise I’d have coffee all over my laptop now.

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