Lou Reads: Tales of Being Creepy from Ask Reddit

You asked for it and now you got it. I have finally ventured into the wilds of Reddit to search out something good to read! Thanks to the many suggestions of you loyal listeners I was able to bypass the one million imgur images submitted daily and found some great stuff. So in this inaugural Reddit Lou Reads we’ll be hearing the true tales of Redditors admitting their own creepy behaviors.

The Post That Revealed 1000 Creeps

Images related to the podcast! Can you tell which story they are from?

Young Unrequited Love for a 45 Year Old
There is no excuse for this...

Thanks to listener John Jackson for showing me the SA thread about Reddit to help me get started and find some good stuff!

One thought on “Lou Reads: Tales of Being Creepy from Ask Reddit”

  1. I liked the post about the HS girls who pretended to be a Cambodian man online to stalk their teacher.

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