Lou Reads Escort Reviews from Punternet

Welcome to the wonderful world of prostitutes… I mean escorts… Finally someone made a website that has stepped up to these unlicensed sex menaces and had the guts to let Johns anonymously complain about their services.

Ok, we can do it, but if the sex sucks I am going to complain on the internet!
I mean, how many of you out there have called an escort, had sex and then wished you had someone to complain to? Of course, in the past the fact that having sex for money is totally illegal has stood in the way of the TRUTH! NO LONGER! Okay, so this site has been around for at least a decade but still… these hookers had it coming! Well… truth be told the reviews are mostly positive but I didn’t read those. Why? Because complaining is so much more fun to listen to! Also, the positive reviews tend to be written like Penthouse Forum letters and reek of false advertising. How many Johns can really wax poetic about the dirty sex they just paid for? I guess check out punternet.com and find out! Thanks for listening!


7 thoughts on “Lou Reads Escort Reviews from Punternet”

  1. Re legality, Punternet’s a UK site and in the UK exchanging money for sex isn’t illegal although trafficking, pimping and ‘living off the earnings of a prostitute’ are (the last one on its own is rarely prosecuted).

  2. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. How could it be a crime. Why strain is considered to be dating. ADMIN NOTE: Link to escort site removed.

  3. they are many escort sites in internet but it is difficult to judge which is best.

    ADMIN: A salient point. Too bad it is some blatant spam. Best of luck with your escort SEO.

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