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Lou Reads about Sucky Customers and the Sucks who Serve them at CustomersSuck.com

You know… I once thought that everyone who has a job loves the job and is grateful for the customers who come in and make that job possible. Oh, what a dreamer I was. Full of grand ideas about how the world worked and free trade economic policies…

If more customers did this then I could understand why people felt so angry towards them. Of course if you did the opposite no one would shop at your store. Classic Catch 22....

Then I got a job and realized that customers, for the most part, kind of suck. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am a customer, too. I try really hard not be a bad customer. I don’t haggle, I don’t smell, I don’t do any of the things people on this forum complain about. I AM THE PERFECT CUSTOMER! Oh wait, I do the thing where I come in and get all the info then buy online… crap… I got too full of myself… and now I’ve paid the price for my hubris… I apologize. Look, my shift is almost over so if you don’t mind I’m just going to shut the register down and get some Dunkin Donuts and go home and cry…

While you imagine me crying and eating glazed donuts (such salty sweetness) won’t you please enjoy Lou Reads from the forums of Customers Suck dot com

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  • Chris December 5, 2010, 2:01 am

    You’re so awesome~ keep reading the internet!!!

  • Lumpy Rutherford December 9, 2010, 12:30 pm

    Really. You’ve “seen videos” and read reports of people injecting silicone into their ding-a-lings… Hmmm. Research? Do you have a Google alert setup or does the NIH contact you directly with these reports?

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