Lou Reads Anonymous Confessions from GroupHug.us

Hey, have I ever told you this horrible secret that I have? No? Oh right, that’s because it’s a terrible horrible secret that I can never share with anyone I know! Or at least thats what I thought until I came across the site known as GroupHug.us!


Much like a FML website its a place for people to drop their gems of personal confessions. Some are short, some are long, some are painfully honest and some are just stupid bullshit thought up by jerks. To me  that makes it a mixed bag of internet wonder!

Won’t you join me in shaking my head in amazement at this short assortment of crazy confessions.

One thought on “Lou Reads Anonymous Confessions from GroupHug.us”

  1. I liked the part when you were reading that housewife confession about wanting black cocks and longing for her whore days and a coworker walked in asking for TPS reports or an extension cord and you had to break off the confession, “Ugh, What’s up? “

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