Dearest Lou Readers: Gone Fishin’

Hey Lou Reads Fans, Listeners and General Lay-Abouts,

Sorry for not posting this earlier but I’m on vacation! I’m resting the golden pipes of internet horror for another week but I’ll be back at it next week. I started recording a podcast about services that arrange meet-ups between lonely American losers and Russian black-widows who want to come to the US so they can claim domestic abuse, leave their American loser and then marry a proper Russian guy like momma wanted. Its REALLY DEPRESSING! I may shelve that to do one about how awesome sex on Crystal Meth. Thats if I can stop having amazing meth-fueled sex…. I am raw!

In the meantime check out this band. They were nice enough to send me a praise-filled email asking to include part of one of my podcasts on their CD. I said “I guess…” and here is the result. FUR by Eat Babies?.

Now I please excuse me while I go back to the beach to be cooled with a palm frond by my Russian bride. What? Oh, she got that black eye from falling on a door knob. Don’t forget to send me your suggestions for stupid things to read!

Yours truly,
Lou (Reads)

Pre-Vacation Photo. Note the Stress...

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  1. Hope you have a good break, I’m listening to all your older stuff since I’m pretty new to your stuff. It’s pretty awesome!

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