Lou Reads: A Thread about Your Legal Rights

by King Lou on September 28, 2009

Hey there, are you a careless drug user? Do you wake and bake then drive and bake and then work and bake then just bake? Well if you’re a constant drug enthusiast then chances are at some point in the near future you will get into a legal situation for which you are unprepared. Well then, this is the episode of Lou Reads for you! Put those headphones on, light up a fatty and learn something that will blow your mind!!! It doesn’t hurt to throw on a barrister’s wig and maybe cue some episodes of Cops, too.

As the podcast will tell you this podcast is not a binding legal contract and the advice given there in is not necessarily 100% accurate for the area you live in. So I don’t want to get any emails where you claim I told you to sass some PoPo and ended up in cooler. Hellz naw! This is just to inform you of things you may not have known about your rights. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t there really isn’t much you or I can do it ¬†about it. I mean it’s already been made…. can’t go back in time. Oh how I wish I could….

This is your door on drugs!

Alight, enough jibber jabber. Listen to the podcast already!

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Zacsi March 15, 2017 at 2:02 pm

Here is a video on this advice being put into practice.

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