Lou Reads: Incest at It’s Very Best…

Some old book says “Love thy Brother” Maybe it was a bible of some sort. Wherever it came from I doubt they meant incest. Yes, you guessed it. This week is about the ultimate super nasty, mega-taboo topic of inter-familial sexual relations. Once again as a participant in the weekend web sojourn to the land of incest related forum reading I exposed myself to some seriously awful garbage and then recorded it for your grimacing pleasure. If these people are telling the truth then there is a lot more consensual incest going on that I thought. And I sincerely thought the number was like 0.0000000000000000000… there aren’t enough zeros really. Just imagine some kind of very long row of zeros going to the vanishing point and beyond the horizon there is a lonely number one. Alright, put your headphones on. This shit is gross!

EDIT: I just re-listened to this episode and it’s seriously insane. ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “Lou Reads: Incest at It’s Very Best…”

  1. You really take requests Lou? Well than I’m begging you to go back to this crazy ass forum and do another reading. Now, maybe you have already IDK. I just found out about this site a little under a week or so ago so I’m working my way up from oldest to newest of your shows. Loving the stuff so far. But this was the best so far. LOL. Seriously how can a woman post something like, “My son is sucking my husbands cock. Do you think he’ll become gay?” with a straight face. You think her concern wouldn’t be whether the kid was gay or not but the fact that her husband is forcing her son to suck his cock. Man, what the hell is wrong with people. Anyway if you have the time and don’t mind please revisit this site; it’s a goldmine.

  2. I hate to be That Guy, but you used the contraction “it’s” instead of the possessive “its” in the title.

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