Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums


Hey, who doesn’t like sitting in a pool of what may or may not be human pee? Well if you’re a normal person then not you. If you answered yes then you probably already know about the PeeSearch forum which is a meeting place for those who practice the yellow arts. Call it what you like. Wet games. Indoor Watersports. Getting a boner from getting pee’d on. Its all the same bent fetish. Luckily these people have a place to go to talk about their need to be all pee’ified. I made an ENHANCED PODCAST!!! So if you want to listen/watch in iTunes you can download the Enhanced version from iTunes or watch it here. Only care about the MP3? That’s here, too!

One thought on “Lou Reads from the PeeSearch Forums”

  1. God, that one was a bit hard to listen to. Probably because I kept visualizing the posts as you read them. Bad idea.

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