Lou Reads about Bad Restaurant Experiences

Chances are if you’ve eaten out at a restaurant you have had an awesome meal at least once. The kind of meal where everything comes together. Really delicious and not oversized appiteazer, savory main course and a lovely desert that you can share with your beloved. Of course this meal also ends in hot sex. But we all know that never happens… to anyone. Please don’t shatter my fantasy that this doesn’t happen… Anyway, these people were nice enough to share their more realistic tales of negative experiences at the local grub hole and I was nice enough to read it for you. So please enjoy!

Bad Restaurant Experiences

One thought on “Lou Reads about Bad Restaurant Experiences”

  1. I can’t stand rude staff that acts like you should be grateful to have them treat you like shit. Never had any of the wait staff chase after me for a tip before though. That’s nuts.

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